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Please complete the following CheckPro Order Form. We will be contacting you to confirm your CheckPro Order. By submitting your check order you are authorizing Citizens National Bank to debit your account the appropriate fee amount for your check order.
Customer Name : * required
Daytime Phone # : * required
Address :

Style Number : Style 1 Style 2 Style 3
Style 4 Style 5 Style 6
: See the Styles :

Style For Business Checks : Style 1 Laser Style 2 Laser
Style 3 Style 4
: See the Styles :

Please type the information as it should read on the check. Note any address changes or name additions on account and check.

150 Wallet Checks *$16
300 Wallet Checks *$25
150 Duplicate Checks *$18
300 Duplicate Checks *$30
150 Design Checks *$18
150 Duplicate Design Checks *$20
Personal Small Pack Checks
50 Small Pack Check *$8
25 Small Pack Duplicate Checks *$8
Personal Deposits
50 Personal Deposit *$6

Business Ring Bound 3 to Page
300 Single Checks *$50
600 Single Checks *$80
300 Duplicate Checks *$70
600 Duplicate Checks *$110
Business Laser Checks
250 Laser Checks *$65
500 Laser Checks *$85
1000 Laser Checks *$110
Business Deposit Books
150 Single *$15
300 Single *$30
150 Duplicate *$20
300 Duplicate *$45
150 Triplicate *$30
300 Triplicate *$55
Business Cover
Cover *$14

Branch to pick it up at:

* fee subject to change
*This check order only applies to CNB In-House checks

CNB • P.O. Box 220 • Athens, TN 37371-0220
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*required minimum deposit amounts for demand deposit accounts *check writing limits applicable to certain accounts *service charge/maintenance fee information.